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Have you heard about private swimming lessons? Do you know why private swimming lessons are the best option for you?

Many grown-up people want to learn to swim but feel shy. They don’t feel comfortable by gazing at others. As privacy and security concerns, some parents don’t want to give their children to a public swimming school. The matching schedule is also a problem.

As a result, many people don’t pursue swimming lessons because of various reasons. But swimming is an important life skill. Everyone should learn it. For them, a private swimming lesson is a suitable option.

Want to know more about private swimming lessons? Then let’s get to start.

What Is Private Swimming Lessons?

It is one-on-one training. An instructor instructs only a student at a session.

If you have a swimming pool at your home, you can hire an instructor and learn at your home. But don’t worry if you don’t have one at your home.

You can still take private swimming training. Some community swimming school has the facility to learn to swim at their pool.  

Who Needs Private Swimming Lessons?

There is no age limit for private swimming lesson training. From baby to adult, anyone can take a private swimming lesson. It is suitable for:

  1. For shy people
  2. People who cannot match with a busy schedule
  3. For children who need special care
  4. The children whose parents are over-concerned
  5. Privacy concerned people

Now, how do you start? At first, you need to find a suitable instructor. We swimming lessons Katy Texas offer the safe and secured private swimming lessons services at your location.  

How To Choose A Private Swimming Instructor?

A swimming instructor should pose some specific qualifications. These are:

  1. Must have proper swimming instructor training and CPR training.
  2. Experience of swimming
  3. The instructor should have a passionate and understandable mentality.
  4. Experience for instructing baby (if you search for your children)
  5. Time flexibility
  6. Training for any swimming competition

Before hiring someone, make sure your personality suits his/her personality. Also, match your schedule with him. Try to find someone within your locality. The local instructor can give you more flexibility with time and money.

Private Swimming Lesson Cost

Private swimming lesson cost is little higher than group swimming lesson cost. You may pay, on average, $35 to $80. Different region has different price ranges.

Many people become uncertain that is it worth spending money on a private swimming lesson? Well, there are some unique advantages that you can’t find at a group swimming lesson. For your decision making, let me elaborate on the idea. So let’s get to start.

Average Private Swimming Lessons Cost For Baby

Time DurationCost
30 Minutes$35 – $40
45 Minutes$45 – $50
60 Minutes$50 – $65

Average Private Swimming Lessons Cost For Adults

Time DurationCost
30 Minutes$40 – $45
45 Minutes$50 – $55
60 Minutes$60 – $70
Private Swimming Lesson

Benefits of Private Swimming Lessons:

The private swimming lesson has great significance.

1. Convenience:

Private swimming lesson has time flexibility. You can learn a swimming lesson in your free time. You need not reschedule your busy hour. Most of the swimmers, like a private lesson for this advantage.

2. Free Of Traveling:

Every week you need not pack your swimming bag and travel to the complex. You can learn at your cozy home atmosphere without distractions.

3. Full Concentration:

As it is one-on-one training, you will get the instructor’s full attention. The instructor’s constant attention makes the learner more composed and attentive.

4. No Shyness:

As you are at home, no one can see you. You need to be ashamed of anyone. You can quickly learn at your own pace and without being ashamed of people. Even you don’t have to face people’s criticism.

5. Customization:

This swimming class gives you access to do any customization in the syllabus. You can take specialized training for any competition too.

6. For Shy Children:

Most children like a group swimming lesson. But some children are not comfortable with many people. They prefer more to be alone. If your child is like them, private swimming is best suited for him/her.

7. Special Care:

A private swimming lesson allows everyone to get exceptional care. Sometimes some people excel when they get positive feedback. The constructive review helps the learner to learn fast.  

8. Security:

Some parents concern more about their child’s safety. They feel comfortable having their children around them. They like to keep an eye while they are in the water. So, in that case, they also arrange a private swimming lesson for their child.


Now you know why private swimming lessons are preferable to many people. There is less chance of having any conflict with your daily life and with a swimming lesson. Plus, it is a quick and convenient way to learn to swim.

Though you need some extra money, this is an investment to learn life-skill. So, what do you think? Is it suitable for you? Don’t ignore the swimming lesson because of your busy schedule and introvert manner. Private swimming lessons have solutions to all of your problems.

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