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Sometimes parents have a query about when to stop swimming lessons from their children? Parents have this thought after continuing swimming lessons for several years.

Usually, a kid who takes swimming class for 3 to 4 years can easily swim around a pool (10 meters). Many parents think it is good enough for their kids to be water safe. They want relief from the hustle in their busy work schedule. So they want to stop swimming lessons.

But that is not enough for a student to be proficient and able to self-rescue.

Sometimes children don’t want to take swimming lessons. And so they try to drop out. But in that case, you can be a little pushy.

Why Does A Child Want To Give Up Swimming Lesson?

Is it okay to drop out if the baby doesn’t want to go swimming class? The answer is no. Sometimes they need an extra push to believe themselves. It is not a pressure, but it is a way of encouraging them differently.

So first find out why he/she doesn’t want? If your child is older, talk with them frankly. Try to assure them you together will solve the problem.

The reasons are:

  1. Your child may not like to swim in front of so many people.
  2. They cannot cope with other children.
  3. They are not okay with the instructing method.
  4. They are not comfortable with the instructor.
  5. They have extreme hydrophobia.

If the reason is one of them, then there are solutions too. First, you can talk with the instructor. Take his/her suggestion in the current state. Even you can consult with a physician about their mental condition.

If they cannot cope with others, then you can give them a private swimming instructor. Talk with your child and find out the best suitable solution for their problems.

But for these reasons, giving up swimming is not appreciable. If your child does not have any problem and she/he is doing good in swimming, also then this question may arise.

In that case, you may think about how long you need to continue?

Let’s see what the minimum requirements your child needs to achieve are.

Minimum Requirements For Swimming Lessons:

Some parents stop swimming lessons when their child somehow can swim 25 yards in a pool. They think that is enough. But that is only the beginning of swimming lessons.

Definitely, for a child, it is a significant achievement to swim 25 yards without help. But that is not the last but least.

National swimming federation makes swimming lessons as a national curriculum. They intend to keep every child safe in the water. They prefer to achieve at least these stages before quitting.

  1. Able to self-rescue in the different water-based situations (like he/she can swim at the pool, river, sea, etc.).
  2. He/she can deliver different strokes like front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, etc.
  3. Can swim confidently, unaided over 200 meters without no break.
  4. The child can trade water at least 1 minute, preferably 3 minutes.

But if you don’t think to make your child another Michael Phelps! Please complete those minimum requirements. Leaving without these skills will not make them drowning proof because a kid who doesn’t achieve these stages but quit will forget swimming over time.

Babies Swimming In The Pool

How Long Does Swimming Lessons Need?

If you want your child to be proficient and competent with others, minimum requirements are not enough.

Those minimum requirements will make him/her water confident. But to gain swim compatibility, you need to carry it. There are seven stages in the swimming curriculum. To be proficient, your child should pass all the (0 to 7) steps.

Starting at four years old, kids can complete this level when they are 12/13 years old.

When he/ she is at an advanced swimming lesson, will gain enough skill to do aquatic acrobats and dive. Then his/her expertise level is at proficiency.

Swimming expert says, even you complete the session, don’t give up altogether. If you do not want any more formal swimming lessons, then swim casually in your free time.


Swimming is a meaningful life- saving skill. You should not quit it in the middle of the session. Unattended minimum requirements cannot help you in the long run.

Before deciding to stop, put your kids in different situations. Observe how he/she handles it. Look carefully if they can swim and rescue themselves in deep water. Don’t stop swimming lessons until they are capable of handling in deep water.

Now, you know when to stop swimming lessons. So, please don’t give up early. Complete the course and be healthy and confident with your ability.

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