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When to Start Baby Swimming Lesson | Expert Guide

Do you have any idea about when to start a swimming lesson for your baby? Toady’s parents are more conscious about their child’s safety and protection.

Parents should teach their baby self-protection from an early age. Swimming is not only a full-body exercise but also the best way of self-protection. Drowning is the number one reason for child death throughout the world.

Being conscious most parents start thinking of teaching their lovely baby swimming lessons from an early age. No doubt, this is an excellent idea for your babies.

But many peoples don’t know what the best age for a child to learn swim is.

It is true that age is not the only factor in deciding to put your baby in the pool. There are many other things to be considered. Most people ignore other facts.

They think the sooner they start, the better their baby is ready for self-protection.

But some parents don’t pay any attention to their child swimming education. Research shows that near about 19% of American knows that drowning is the leading big reason for child death.

And at the inquiry, almost 55% of parents say that they are unaware of their child drowning.

So, before diving into the main topic, we like to say the importance of the baby swimming lesson. So, people who are still unaware of the fact can be conscious.

Importance of Baby Swimming Lesson

Swimming lesson for baby is vital because:-

  • According to recent research, it has found that drowning is the fatal reason for child death in the USA. Every day in America, the minimum 2 families lost a child due to drowning. In the USA, in 2018, almost 3,572 people drowned, and among them, 945 are children and no area is free from drowning records.
  • Babies are often victims during playing and bathing. The swimming pool is standard in every house in the USA. Children between 0-10 years mainly drown in a pool or spa or any other water place near them. The rate of children’s death is highest between 1-14 years. This is very shocking. 
  • Swimming lessons from an early age enhances body stamina and prepares a healthy fit body for the baby.
  • Swimming is one of the best and comfortable lessons of babies and they enjoy a lot and it becomes a baby more matured, healthy and energetic.

So, do you understand how important it is? Now, we think there are no parents who read this article, can sit unconsciously and don’t take any step towards their child’s swimming lesson.

And maybe you just set up your mind to put your baby into the pool at this very hour. Hold on, please. Read the whole article first.

There are lots of things you should know before starting to teach swimming to the small one.

What is the Best Age to Start Swimming Lesson?

According to new rules of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) baby can take swimming lessons after 1-year-old. But there is a condition. You must put your baby at arm’s length with close supervision.

It discourages to teach swimming lessons under 1-year-old. But again, if you search on the internet, you will find dozens of videos and websites that show infants are swimming in a pool or lake. That looks so cute. That makes confusion, right? 

Now you may have some questions. Like what is the average age a child can swim? Why do I need to wait 1 year old, what else I start early?

Some very conscious people arrange swimming lessons even for their infants of 3 months old. This does not seem right.

Teaching infant swimming lessons is not very useful. Because at this stage, they don’t have the strength and are not physically fit. Learning swimming at this age will harm more rather than any fruitful result.

Babies are like to imitate elders. So, under 1 year, they imitate elders, but that is not drowning proof. 

Some babies can learn to float on the water at that early age. This impacts a false impression of drowning prevention on parents’ minds.

So, they become unaware of thinking that their baby has learned enough to manage by herself during an emergency. This increases the rate of drowning more. 

So, what can you do before 1 year old? At this time you can make them prepare for the swimming lesson. How can you do that? Divide the total learning session into three stages.

Stages of swimming lesson

Teaching swimming should be a slow process. It should do slowly stage by step.

1st Stage (Swim Starters)

For 6 month – 1 year: Parents Baby Learning

This is a perfect age, you can introduce your baby with water. You never put your baby directly into the pool. But every day you can put your baby on a bathtub.

Let him/her splash, play with the floating toy. These activities help them to remove fears of water. They will be accustomed to the water.

For 1 – 1.5 Year: Parents Baby Learning 

Now, your baby is ready to put it into the pool. But never put your baby without any attendance. Always hold your baby with arms. This is a parent-baby time.

This is a fun period. So, don’t push your baby so hard for floating. This is to make the baby comfortable with pool water.

2nd Stage: (Swim Basics)

For 1.5 – 4 Years: Swim Lesson For Toddlers

At this preschool stage, a trained instructor can teach a baby how to float and help the toddler to do some movements. Meanwhile, she/he will learn about self-rescue techniques in case they face any accident.

Still, it would be best if you kept in mind that learning to float is not enough for drowning prevention. So close monitoring is necessary also at this stage.

3rd and Final Stage (Swim Strokes)

For 5 Years – Older: Swim Lesson For Young

In this stage, they are well habituated with water activities. They have sufficient stamina to move forward. Muscles have grown stronger and more significant.

Now, they are capable of taking a full-length swim lesson. After this stage, it is the time when he/she can go swimming in a lake.

This is the general method to teach a baby swim lesson. But always keep in mind that every baby has its learning capability. You can start a swimming lesson when your baby is ready for learning.

Observe if your baby has any health issues. You can understand your baby’s attitude towards learning when you put them on water.

If your baby does not feel comfortable, then give them time to become friends with water. Please give them a positive impression of water. At the same time, tell them not to go alone near the water place.

If your baby is physically weak, then try to make slow progression along with improving health conditions.

So, it is true that there are no hard and fast rules about the minimum age of children for learning swim lessons. It is all about your baby’s mental and physical health.

Research shows that swimming lesson from an early age reduces almost 88% of children mortality rate due to drowning. 

It is recommended to teach your child a swimming lesson from an early age. But the lesson needs to be systematic and enjoyable for babies. Drowning can prevent in various ways; swimming education is one of them.

So, along with the swimming lesson, take other measures to protect your baby. And, please try to understand your baby first then arrange swimming education as per their capability.

“When starting your baby swimming at your pool, you must have the professional swimmer’s guidelines and presence. It is essential as well as alarming for you and your baby”

Baby Swimming Caution

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