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swimming lessons for kids

Do you have any kids who can’t swim yet? If so, you need to admit him/her to swimming lessons for kids immediately. Because your kids are highly at risk. 

According to the center of disaster management, kids often become the victim of drowning. At the age of five to twelve, kids don’t like to be monitored all the time by parents. 

Also, parents give more concentration to infants and toddlers rather than kids. Again, at this age, kids begin to explore their surroundings by themselves. At these circumstances, they may accidentally fall into the water. And it will cause a fatal accident. 

Surely, you never dare to imagine such a horrible incident. Moreover, you must want your kids to be healthy, fit, and active. Swimming lessons help your kids, both physically and mentally. Swimming lessons benefits are incredible.

If you don’t start your kid’s swim lesson yet, start from now on. Before starting, let me know all the necessary information about the kids’ swimming lessons.

Kids Swimming Lessons Katy Tx

Kids’ swimming lessons are for five years to twelve years old kids. It is different from adult swimming lessons. Professional Swimming Instructors arrange course plans to make it exciting and attractable for your kids. Kids swimming lessons intend for five years old to twelve years old. 

In USA it is one of the famous and demandable swimming lessons because at the age (5 – 12) kids enjoy swim and they are also enargetic and put fully concentration to learn swim quickly. 

Importance of Kid’s Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are a vital technique for kids. It helps to:

  • Keeps kids safe from drowning
  • Improves physical strength
  • Improve body fitness and faster growth
  • Improves social behavior
  • Improves mental fitness
  • Build a sportive mentality
  • Makes kids active

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    Cost of Kids Swim Lesson

    The value will be different based on age and lesson plan because most of the swimming trainer has a different plan with a different schedule. Some trainers charge the lessons cost on the hour basis and some charge on the weekly and monthly session basis. So, there is a variety of price ranges. The average price range of kids swim lessons start $80 to $240 Per Month.

    Class Per Week

    Cost Per Month

    1 Week in 1 Month

    $ 80 – $ 100

    2 Week in 1 Month

    $ 150 – $ 180

    3 Week in 1 Month

    $ 200 – $ 240

    We are very price-sensitive about every swimming lesson plan. If you would like to estimate your free swimming lessons plan then you can get our free service of cost estimation. The process is very simple and free to use. You just fill the simple form by clicking the button below, we will get back to you as early as possible. We are also available 24/7.

    Why We are The Best For Kids?

    In Katy Tx, We are #1 swimming instructor and we offer different types of swimming lessons to our client as their wish with affordable cost. 


    We are Experts in different types of swimming lessons including special candidates who are not capable for the general swimmers. We have a perfect team of best swim instructors in Katy Tx so you need not think about it.


    We are very concern in our quality swimming lesson, we regular plan our lessons on the basis of standard quality and our most of the trainers are highly qualified by various organization in USA.


    As a professional swimming trainer, we always prioritize first the safety issue. We have a perfect team of instructors so you need to worry about security and pool safety while lesson.

    At this point, we hope you can realize how essential swim lessons are. According to the American Association of Pediatrics and Center for Disaster Management, drowning is the number one cause of unintentional death. 

    Every year near about 36,000 people dies due to drowning all over the world. So, keep safe; it was high time to start swim lessons for kids. Please don’t ignore it. It is the kid’s safety issue. And you must agree with me that safety is our priority. Learn the swimming lesson and be safe!

    You must alert with some issues. These issues are critical. These are

    1. Kid’s mental stability
    2. Interest for swimming
    3. Physical fitness
    4. Interaction with instructor
    5. Special care needed kids

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