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swimming lessons for infants

Isn’t it cute seeing an infant enthusiastically floating and splashing water in a pool? There are many such types of videos on YouTube. These videos are very charming. But do you ever wonder how seven months or nine months baby do such a thing? 

Swimming lessons for Infants able them to do that. Do you know about infant swim lessons? An infant swim lesson is a process of training infants to swim.

Swimming lessons should start at an early age. It is the best full-body exercise and an essential life-saving technique. In the USA, infant swim lessons are crucial as the number of child’s death is high there.

According to the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP), you can start your baby’s swim lessons from one year old. But being concern about drowning some parents start their baby’s swimming lesson before one year old. 

So, this question is usually to arrive at what is the best age of swimming lessons? What is the benefit of early starting? To know the details, you need to read this article. This article will help you to mitigate your interest in infant swim lessons.

Infant swim lessons katy tx

Infant swim lessons are mainly survival training for babies. Survival swimming lessons are an effective drowning prevention technique that enables an individual to save themselves at the time of danger. The lessons assist the baby in taking long breathe and floating as long as anyone come to rescue. 

With these swimming lessons, baby can prevent drowning in case of accidental falling in the water. This method is different from other swim lessons.

process of infant swim lessons

These lessons aim to enable the baby to save themselves if they fall accidentally into water. The instructor puts a baby into the water with different situations to get accustomed to that. Everyday our instructor repeats the same motion so that babies don’t get panicked during an emergency.

It is a kind of manipulation of the child’s comfort zone. With the repetitive motion, children get habituated with the techniques and able to successfully handle a similar situation without any assistance. Instructors also put a baby into the water with full dress and without any floating device.

An accident may occur when the baby is not with a swimming preparation. So, this lesson is beneficial to cope with the accidental fall into the water.

Benefits of Infant Swim Lesson

Benefits of Infant Swim Lessons

There are lots of benefits to infant swimming lessons.

  • The baby gets accustomed to water
  • Baby learn to float
  • Get accustomed to different entries into water. These entries are similar to separate accidental falls. So, the baby becomes used to that kind of fall.
  • Research shows that infant swim lessons reduce the mortality rate of 88% due to drowning.
  • Baby has a developed breathing pattern
  • These lessons increase the body’s flexibility
  • Develops the habit of exercise from an early age
  • Increases body’s stamina
  • The infant becomes more energetic. And it improves an infant’s eating and sleeping behavior
  • Prepare them for further swim lessons
  • In most cases, it is a parent-baby time under a trained instructor. This practice enhances the bonding between parents and infants.

Though there are lots of benefits, some people discourage swim lessons under one year old. They also have some logical reasons too.

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    Thinks to consider of Infant Swim Lessons

    There are some problems associated with infant swim lessons. The prime issues are:

    • Infants become more confident and often don’t afraid to go alone near water. This behavior increases the risk of drowning.
    • This training does not give complete drowning protection
    • Parents become careless, thinking that their baby can float. So, if they fall into the water, they can manage by themselves
    If your swimming trainer will be professionally trained then you need not to overthink because your trainer will be carefully manage the overall security and training. 
    Infant swim lessons Katy Tx

    Cost of Infant Swim Lessons

    The value will be different based on age and lesson plan because most of the swimming trainer has a different plan with a different schedule. Some trainers charge the lessons cost on an hourly basis and some charge on the weekly and monthly session basis. So, there is a variety of price ranges. The average price range of Infant swim lessons starts $60 to $199 Per Month.

    Do not worry about the cost because, in Katy Tx, most of the swimming instructor offers the custom pricing package. The below pricing chart is just of basic idea. 

    Class Schedule

    Cost Per Month

    1 Week in 1 Month

    $60 – $90

    2 Week in 1 Month

    $120 – $150

    3 Week in 1 Month

    $170 – $210

    We are very price-sensitive about every swimming lesson plan. If you would like to estimate your free swimming lessons plan then you can get our free service of cost estimation. The process is very simple and free to use. You just fill the simple form by clicking the button below, we will get back to you as early as possible. We are also available 24/7.

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    Though there is a controversy for swimming lessons for infants, the majority prefer it. American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) declares that the best age for swim lessons is more than one year old. But to get accustomed to water, they don’t disagree with starting earlier.

    Though start before one year old is not officially approved personally, they are not against it. It is mandatory to keep close monitoring during the water. Don’t allow your baby alone near the pool. Many victims’ parents said their infant drowned at their presence.

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