swimming lessons for babies katy Tx

swimming lessons for babies

Do you think about your baby’s swim lesson? Swim lesson is an essential lesson for babies. Especially, for the babies who have available water bodies near them. Their life is at risk. Swimming is an important life-saving skill. 

According to the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) and the center of disaster management’s record, every year almost 36000 people die due to drowning. Babies are a significant part of them. The children’s mortality rate due to drowning is alarming. So, parents should concern about swimming lessons for babies.

To keep your baby safe, you must start your baby’s swimming lessons as early as possible. But before you start you need to know everything about baby’s swim lessons.

Baby Swim Lessons Katy Tx

Baby’s swim lesson intends for the babies of six months to five years old. Baby swim lessons are the fundamental of swimming lessons. The main aim of the baby’s swim lesson is to get them used to with water and teach them survival techniques, in case of emergency. 

Parents also can take part during swimming sessions. To make interesting and attractive swim instructors use different colorful floating toys.

There are two categories of baby swim lessons. These categories depend on their age. To make the lesson easy and effective, Our team makes these categories. Their lesson plan is different. 


Lesson Plan

Infants (6 months-1 years old)

Survival swimming lesson

Toddlers (2 years old-5 years old)

Get accustomed to water and swimming techniques

Importance of Baby Swimming Lessons

Apart from, life-saving, it helps the baby in many ways, like:

  • Whole-body exercise
  • Makes bone stronger and healthy
  • Makes growth faster
  • Helps to develop brains
  • Makes more active
  • Keeps baby healthy
  • Makes a strong bond between parents and baby
  • Research shows baby swim lesson decreases the mortality rate

Factors That Need to Consider

To keep baby safe from drowning, swimming lesson is not the only thing. Parents should be careful with many other things, like:

  1. Don’t get a false impression that swim lessons will completely protect your baby.
  2. Always be careful while your baby is in the water.
  3. Never leave your baby alone near the water.
  4. Always monitor them and always keep the baby at your arm range while teaching it swimming.
  5. Swimming lessons should be with proper swim costumes and a floating device.
  6. Don’t leave any colorful things floating on the pool water, as color attracts baby. It may cause an accident.
  7. If you have a swimming pool in your house, ensure tight protection. So, your baby can not get access to the water easily.

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    Cost of Baby Swimming Lessons

    The value will be different based on age and lesson plan because most of the swimming trainer has a different plan with a different schedule. Some trainers charge the lessons cost on an hourly basis and some charge on the weekly and monthly session basis. So, there is a variety of price ranges. The average price range of Baby swim lessons starts $80 to $240 Per Month.

    Class Schedule

    Cost Per Month

    1 Week in 1 Month

    $80 – $100

    2 Week in 1 Month

    $150 – $180

    3 Week in 1 Month

    $200 – $240

    If you want to get price estimation, then you can contact us, it is totally free and easy to estimate the cost of baby swim lessons.

    Why We are The Best in Katy Tx?

    In Katy Tx, We are #1 swimming instructor and we offer different types of swimming lessons to our client as their wish with affordable cost. 


    We are Experts in different types of swimming lessons including special candidates who are not capable for the general swimmers. We have a perfect team of best swim instructors in Katy Tx so you need not think about it.


    We are very concern in our quality swimming lesson, we regular plan our lessons on the basis of standard quality and our most of the trainers are highly qualified by various organization in USA.


    As a professional swimming trainer, we always prioritize first the safety issue. We have a perfect team of instructors so you need to worry about security and pool safety while lesson.

    Parents should not ignore swimming lessons for babies. The swimming session gives you a great opportunity to spend quality time with your baby. 

    This will build a strong relationship between you. You must want to protect your baby from any danger. So, don’t be late to start a swimming lesson for your lovely baby.

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