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We all know that swimming is a complete full-body exercise. It will help us to keep healthy and tuned. Moreover, it is an essential lifesaving technique. In the USA, From the last five years of death analysis, drowning is the number one reason for all unintentional death. 

So, nowadays, the swim lesson becomes an essential life lesson for everyone. To save you and your family from the danger of the water, you need to learn swim.

As we believe you are reading this post, which means you already know the Importance Of A Swim Lesson. Probably you also determined to receive a swimming lesson. 

But you may have swimming lessons questionnaires where to start, what is you need to know how you communicate with an instructor, which lesson is suitable for you, etc.

If you are parents, you are more concern about your child’s security and comfortability. Again, if you are adults, you may feel shy about learning at this age. There may have lots of confusion and inquiries in your mind.

Our team and we have been working as a professional instructor for the last eight years. Every day we receive lots of questions about various aspects of the swimming lesson. 

Among them, we have selected some frequently asked and critical issues that are essential for all. We have divided those questions according to some categories. So that you can easily find out what you are looking for. 

We hope this will be a great help for you too. Moreover, learning about these questions, your confidence will go up. As you know, many people have these issues. So, lets’ have a look swimming lessons questionnaires. 

A. Infant Swimming Lessons

For infant swimming first, you need to make your baby used to with water. You can do it from your bathtub. Let your infant play with water. It is not necessary to put your child in the water less than six months old.

No, infant swim lesson is not enough to protect your infant from drowning. In some cases, it may help a little to keep the floating during any accident case. But research shows that infant swimming lesson reduces almost 88% death rate of children. So, infant swimming lesson has significant impacts on ensuring the child’s water security.

They can merely float at this age. Baby likes to imitate elders. When you repetitively put the baby in the same situation, he/she adopts the technique and does it when he/she finds a similar situation.

No, you can try, but don’t need to force your infant. Instead, forcing you can use an alternative method to make it interesting for babies. If your infant doesn’t like swim lessons, then first make him/her love for the water. Start from your bathtub. Gradually he/ she will likely enjoy the water.

We use many floating toys to attract infants. A proper swimsuit is necessary for infants. If the baby is not yet potty-trained, then an appropriate diaper of swimming is essential.

Floating is the focus of the infant curriculum. The main object of the infant curriculum is to make baby used to with water and teach him/her some floating techniques, so that, it can make an instant movement at the time of any accidental fall into the water.

Though every swimming center offers infant swim lessons, they do not always recommend it. Because this training gives parents a false sense of security, they think that taking infant swimming lessons are enough to prevent babies from drowning. Another thing is when babies get used to the water, their confidence level increases. They often go near water without any fear. It increases more drowning occurrences.

B. Toddler Swimming lessons

Three years isn’t old enough to start sporting swimming lessons. But you cannot begin a basic swim lesson at this stage.

We recommend armband for toddlers who can’t swim properly yet. It is a safeguard for the baby. If the toddlers finish their first basic skill development training successfully, then armband is not so necessary.

It depends on many factors. Like: baby’s physical strength, physical and mental condition, fear of water, connect with instructors, etc. So, no specific time may not be standard for every baby. But on average, it may need eight to nine months per week session.

Your toddler will be safe when he can swim without any assistance. But as a toddler is very young to cope with difficulties, you should not wholly leave alone a toddler in the water. So, before five years old, you cannot trust a toddler thoroughly water safe.

Disability is not a problem at all. Many organizations arrange swimming lessons for special care required person. There are trained instructors who know how to manage an individual child. The instructor will help him to learn according to his necessity.

We don’t prefer eating heavy before swimming. It is our opinion. It is not good to do any exercise just after having a meal. But your toddler should not swim on an empty stomach. He/she can take light food like snacks, fruits, etc. In half an hour before swimming.

It is normal to drink water at the beginning stage. But that less amount of drinking water is negligible. If in case your toddler has a bad stomach, then you can give him/her medicine, and it is not a long-lasting phenomenon. There is a popular thought that if someone does not drink water during a swimming lesson, he can’t be a good swimmer. It is a riddle. Don’t worry about this.

It seems that your toddler is not interested in swimming. It can occur due to water phobia. In this situation, if you force him to swim, he may not be able to learn it forcefully. As a result, he will more scare of water. So, before any swimming lessons, I recommend to prepare him mentally first. If you feel it necessary, then talk with a consultant who can inspire him to take swim lessons. Every child’s mentality is different. So, don’t force him. Try to make used to with water in his way. Once he can enjoy the water, he will learn swimming from his interest.

It depends on a child’s physical fitness, mind-body interaction, relation with instructor and ability to learn, etc. But in general, an average child can swim well after 10/12 sessions of swimming lessons.

Cost varies with region to region. But, you may need to spend, on average, $35-$40 per toddler.

C. Babies Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are essential for special babies. There is a trained instructor for babies who needs special care. The instructor assists your baby as per his/her requirements, physical and mental condition.

Yes, your baby can swim without goggles. But using glasses is good as it protects the eye from water, chemical as well as from any accidental hit.

There are different evaluation processes for varying levels of swimming. The instructor evaluates their students, according to the course curriculum.

summer is a perfect fun time. You can let your baby enjoy water activities. It also helps them to practice swim lessons in a fun mood. It also soothes the body from the heat of summer.

No doubt, swimming is a full-body exercise. It helps one to develop physically as well as mentally. It increases body stamina, makes a body fit, and refreshes the mind. It helps to keep you away from the tension and give a relaxation of mind and soul.

According to AAP, there are six swimming levels. These levels show swimmer skills and experience.

Children can take formal swimming lessons at the age of five.

During admission, you should inform the instructor about the diseases of your baby. Then, the instructor will be more careful about your baby at the lesson time. He will design the course plan that is suitable for your baby and avoid those steps that may be harmful to the baby.

D. Adult Swimming Lessons

Yes, you can swim at this stage if you have fit health. After forty, our body becomes weak, and our stamina decreases. But by exercise and a balanced diet, you can maintain a healthy body. So, if you think you can take a swim lesson, then you are most welcome.

Basically, adults can swim after four to five weeks. If your priority is to learn swim, you can take a swim lesson almost for five to six weeks. But if your desires for the superior skill, you may need to take a long swimming session.

Our instructor offers a one-day swimming lesson per week. And it is fully depend the scheduling.

This is necessary for all ages. The techniques of teaching are different from a child’s survival swimming lesson.

Almost every swim center provides an opportunity to learn adult swimming lessons. They are primarily in a group. But if you want to learn it alone, you can choose a private swim lesson.

If you see the previous records of drowning, you will find that a large part of drowning victim is elders. To save your life from any accident case and to keep fit yourself, you need to learn to swim.

there are six levels of adult swimming lessons. These levels swim ha their curriculum and instruction methods.

Of course, you can. You might fail two times due to a lack of proper guidance or for lack of your trying. If you determine to learn, you can succeed.

E. Teens Swimming Lessons

No specific diet plan is necessary. You can follow your regular diet.

Actually, the teen’s swimming lesson plan is similar to adults swimming lesson plan. Teens are physically more active than adults. Therefore, teens may need less time than adults. But both of their curricula are the same.

It depends on so many things. Teen’s physical and mental capability and so on. On average, it takes 5 to 6 weeks for learning.

Swimming enhances the teen’s physical strength and keeps his mind refresh.

F. Special Swimming Lessons

There are a lot of benefits for Special swimming lessons. You can learn in your home environment. I can get more attention from your instructor. More time convenient. You need not travel any distance, just for learning. You can make a schedule along with your regular life schedule.

You can develop many tips and tricks while learning in a Special swimming lesson. You can swim for a longer time. It makes you comfortable enough for any competition. But if you want to judge your skill, you need to take part in a group swimming lesson.

Special swim lesson is more convenient in terms of time and schedule. Plus, you need not travel a long distance just for learning. So, if your aim is learning with no change in your schedule, your money will be worth it.

Normally, We charge for our Special lessons $25-$45 for elders and $25 to $35 for babies

G.Women Swimming Lessons

Yes, you can swim after one or two weeks of your childbirth. But if you have a c section, then We recommend you to stay away from swimming for four to five months. As it may increase the danger to swimming, just immediately after c- section.

you can do swimming even on your period. To prevent leakage, you can use a menstrual cup or a tampon. Swimming in the period is a hassle, but it helps you to be energetic and more productive.

These are some essential questions we have encountered so far. We hope these questions may help you to remove some of your confusion if you have any other question feel free to ask any instructor of your locality. 

It is an excellent decision to learn everything before you sign up. When you know the process in detail, it will be easy for you to decide. Again, We request everyone to learn to swim. It will be an asset knowledge for a lifetime. Learn swimming and be safe 🙂