The Ultimate Guide To Private Swimming Lessons For The Beginners in 2020

Have you ever concerned about private swimming lessons? Do you wish to find out a swimming lesson at your convenient time in your cozy home atmosphere?

If your answer is affirmative, then the personal or private swimming lesson is the best option for you.

There are three types of learning method that is available all over the United States. They are- Group swimming lessons, Semi-private swimming lessons, and Private swimming lessons.

Because of flexibility, Private swimming lesson becomes popular day by day. This article is going to help you to find about benefits, cost, place, and all other information along in one place. 

What is the Private Swimming Lesson?

Private swimming lesson is fully specific swimming lesson. This is a one to one procedure of swimming lesson and in this lesson you do not need to go anywhere for learning.

A well professional trainer will come to you and teach you as per the course plan. A private swimming lesson is a time-saving lesson and in this lesson, one can learn many swimming skills very quickly.

Nowadays this swimming lesson is going to very popular in the USA, especially in Katy Texas.

Difference Between Private Swimming Lesson and Group Swimming Lesson:

  1. For the swimming lesson, a group consists of 9/10 members under one instructor. While in Private or semi-private swimming lessons, it can be accordingly one-for-one or 2/3 persons under one instructor.
  2. You can learn a group swimming lesson at a local swimming complex or any local pool. You have to maintain a particular time, and you need to travel to that place. But as I mentioned earlier in private learning, instructors will come to your home. So, there is no fixed schedule, or you are free from traveling.
  3. The personal swimming lesson cost is higher than a group swimming lesson.
  4. Private swimming lessons are more safe and secure than group swimming lessons.
  5. The individual swimming training has more flexibility than group lessons.

Now, you can ask who prefers a personal swimming lesson instead of a group swimming lesson? People who have a hectic life schedule, don’t like to travel more and especially shy nature people prefer personal training more than group lessons.

Who Can Take Private Swimming Lesson

Anyone who has a swimming pool at their home can take the private swimming lesson. This facility is accessible for anyone in spite of age.

From zero to adult, anyone can make a private swimming lesson. It is suitable for kids, adults, or any specialization training.

Before you know further, you may want to know first, how much do private swimming lessons cost?

Cost of Private Swimming Lesson

The comparatively private swimming lesson cost is a little bit higher than the group swimming lesson. The higher price is not beyond your income.

Many instructors and swimming lesson provider organizations offer a different range of services with different affordable cost strategy. 

The cost depends on the instructor’s experience, time, session, and instructor’s distance of travel and age of instructor and student. An instructor comes to your house, spends his valuable time only for one student.

These thoughts make sense of charging extra higher than the group swimming lesson. Surely, you will not mind spending some extra penny for some additional advantages, will you?

In the USA, it may cost you, on average, $40 to $65 for a half-hour lesson. The price may vary with region to region. The urban and high-fi area requires you more than a rural area.

So, now the question you may have your mind that is the private swimming lesson worth it? What are the benefits you will get to learn it privately?

Let’s see what you will get to pay some extra.

Average private Swimming Lessons Cost

Time Duration Cost
30 Minutes $40 – $50
45 Minutes $50 – $60
60 Minutes $75 – $85

If you want to estimate your swimming lessons cost, then you can contact us, it is totally free to estimate. Just click this contact us link and fill the form, you will get your estimation as early as possible.

Benefits of Private Swimming Lesson

 There are many benefits to a private swimming lesson. Some of them are:

Comfortable With Home Atmosphere

You or your baby whoever take a private swimming lesson can learn at your home. So, you don’t have to be bothered to adjust to the new pool environment. Especially for the baby, it is beneficial.

Their home is familiar with them. So, they don’t get frightened at a new place. Moreover, at home, you can ensure yours and your baby security.

You can learn your swimming lesson tension free. What else is more enjoyable than feeling secure?

No Shy And Uncomfortable Feelings

Some people feel shy to learn with a group. Also, some people are uncomfortable in front of so many eyes. A private lesson is comfortable for them.

There are only the student and instructors. So, there is no chance of being shy.

Convenient Schedule

You can learn in your free time. You can make a suitable schedule with your instructor, along with your busy life. You don’t need to change your regular daily routine to learn swimming.

It is the most popular reason to choose private swimming lessons over group training. You can also have the option to reschedule if you need to change the old one.

More Time

As it is only for your betterment, you can take more time and attention from your instructor. If you are a slow learner, then you don’t need to worry.

You can take more time as you require. Even if you miss a scheduled class for any reason, then you need not think how to keep pace with others. That is much free of stress.

Customized Learning Plan

If you already know about how to float or something about swimming, you don’t need to do it again. A private swimming lesson allows you to customize your lesson plan according to your needs. 

Specialized Training

If you are going to take part in any swimming competition or you want to be a swimming athlete, then you need specialized training.

It is very problematic to receive specialized training along with a bunch of people in a group. Individual exercise needs special care.

A particular person needs particular attention. Private practice is the best solution for specialized training.

Freedom of Choosing Instructor

Here, you choose your instructor. You have the full freedom to choose the best one according to your needs and budget.

So, if you have a collision with an instructor, or if you don’t easy with any instructor, you may choose another one. So, instructor issues will not make you stop learning.

These benefits sound great, don’t they? There are also some disadvantages too.

benefits of private swimming lessons infographic

The disadvantage of Private Swimming Lesson

Nothing is free of problems. A private swimming lesson also has some demerits too. Those are:

Higher Cost

As mentioned earlier, the personal swimming lesson cost is a little bit higher than that of a group swimming lesson. Some times it becomes difficult for some families to pay some additional.

Some people think that it is a wastage of money as he can learn the same thing either in a group or alone.

Lack of Competition

In a group, people can compete with each other. A competitive environment makes the learning process faster. But when he learns alone, there is no one to create a competitive climate.

It makes the learning process slow. Sometimes students, as well as teachers, may feel bored.

Improper Development of Soft Skills

Group lesson helps individual to develop communication skill, team player mentality, punctual, etc. Whereas in private learning, there is a lack of developing these soft skills.

In private lessons, one can learn to swim well, but he can not grow with these necessary soft skills.

Inadaptability of New Place and Person

A person who takes swimming class in-group becomes habituated with the new site and people. He develops a sense of adaptation with a new area and person.

This skill helps him throughout his life in every aspect. Being comfortable in-home at personal learning will not help him to learn to explore the new place and person.

Lack of trained Instructor

In some rural and remote areas, a qualified instructor is not available. In that case, people hire an instructor from far away with a significant amount. Moreover, for an instructor, it is more time consuming and extra hustle to maintain all flexibilities of private swimming lessons.

These are some main disadvantages of a private swimming lesson. But with other benefits, private swimming lesson always stays ahead in the race.

Now, you may ask what you will learn in a private swimming lesson? The instructor will design the swimming lesson plan for the requirement of a different age group. Different requirements need different lesson types. What are they? Let see.

Kids Swimming Lessons Time
Kid Swimming Time

Private Swimming Lesson for Kids

You can start your baby’s first swimming lesson at your home. Baby can start swimming experience from an early age of one year old. At the age of 1-4 years, the instructor helps the baby to learn to float and some self-rescue system.

The lessons need to be friendly and enjoyable for the baby. From 5 years old, children can take part in a mainstream swimming lesson.

A private instructor will help him to learn basic swimming techniques like the back float, front float swimming, dive, etc.

Baby likes to imitate elders. The instructor must be easy going and need to have the capability to handle the baby.

While choosing an instructor, you must choose someone who loves baby, and importantly your baby also needs to like the instructor. Children can happily learn swim lessons in the home environment.

The cost of a private swimming lesson for kids is a little bit lower than the price of an adult swimming lesson. You may spend, on average, $35 to $60 per session. 

Adult Swimming Training

Private Swimming Lesson For Adults

Most adults like to learn privately. Busy life schedule, shyness, uncomfortableness make this popular among adults. From age 13 and up are considered an adult. Their swimming lesson plan is different from the children swimming lesson plan.

Adults requirement is different from the children. From basic to pro all level lesson is in the course plan. An individual can take a private swim lesson as per his requirements.

You may spend about $45 to $90. Different regions and different organizations provide various ranges of service. If you want to take aerobatics training, you may need to pay extra.

Now you may ask where do you find a trainer to instruct you? How do you know who the right instructor for you is?

Qualifications of Professional Swimming Instructor:

To be an instructor, swim well is not enough to teach others. Some certifications are necessary to be a qualified swimming instructor.

Before selecting any instructor, you must concern about some qualities. These are two essential qualities that are a must for a professional instructor.

Water Safety & CPR Certification

Water safety training is the most crucial training for an instructor. An instructor must have water safety certification.

The level of accreditation defines the capability of the instructor. Aerobatics instructor needs specialized training.

An instructor also needs CPR certification. You should not hire someone who doesn’t have these certificates.


No matter how many documents he has, the experience is an essential factor to consider. Because without practical knowledge, a person can not give the best instruction to others.

If you want an instructor for your baby, try to hire someone who has previous experience with baby. A baby instructor needs more patience and the ability to do fun activities. 

To hire an instructor, you can get help from websites and your local advisor. Instructors can work individually or with any organization. So, you can visit a swim training center to hire a perfect instructor for you.


Up to this point, We believe you may know all the necessary information about the private swimming lesson. Some people suggest that they find a group swimming lesson more effective than a private swimming lesson in terms of cost and learning process.

For them, they think only about competition. In some cases, their opinion is valid that while seeing others, one can compare himself and can understand the mistakes quickly.

If your main priority factor is money, then you can choose a group swimming lesson, but if you prefer convenience over anything private swimming lesson will be the best choice.

We hope you can decide which is best suited for you and what your requirements are. Whatever the method you select, we wish you a happy learning experience. Best of luck!



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