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The Ultimate Guide To Private Swimming Lessons Vs Group Swimming

Probably you already know that there are two methods to learn swimming lessons. You can take swimming lessons alone in private or with a bunch of people in group lessons. Private swimming lessons vs. group swimming lessons, which is best? And why?

Sometimes new swimmers battle over this issue while deciding.

As the outcome of both types of lessons is substantial, why people get this confusion?

Needs and requirements are not the same for all people. Both have pros and cones. What will you choose depends on what is essential for you? Some people focus on financial matters, and some focus on flexibility and swimming instructor.

Therefore, people choose either group swimming lessons or private swimming lessons. So, if you know their advantages and disadvantages, you can compare and make the right decision.

This article will tell you about the complete guides on private swimming lessons vs. group swimming lessons.

Private Swimming Lessons

This is one-on-one swimming lessons. A swimmer can learn to swim lessons from one instruction. You can take private swimming lessons at your home pool or any other swimming complex. People choose this because of its flexibility.

You need not go anywhere. Instructors will come to your place. You can learn to swim at a convenient time. So, you are free of arranging extra time at your busy working schedule.

Private Swimming Lesson


  1. You will get the full attention of your instructor.
  2. You need not compare yourself with others. Private swimming lessons allow you to learn at your own pace.
  3. There is no chance to get uncomfortable in front of many eyes.
  4. You can concentrate on the lessons with no destruction.
  5. Individual care is helpful for people who need more individualized attention.
  6. Quicker progress.
  7. Have the chance to customize your lesson plan.
  8. Use your free time.
  9. It allows you to receive special training and get ready for specialized competition.
  10. As you need not go anywhere, it saves your time and energy for traveling.
  11. Ensure more security and safety.
  12. A chance to form a bonding between instructor and swimmer.


  1. Costlier than group swimming lessons.
  2. Limited options for socializing.
  3. Individual training sometimes may feel boring.
  4. Lack of competition sometimes makes the process slower.

Cost of Private Swimming Lessons:

The private swimming lessons cost can vary in different areas to areas. For example, the average cost for 30 minutes of NY is $50- $70 and the cost of Katy Tx is $35 – $50.

The average cost range of private swimming lessons for 30 minutes is $30 – $50. For your getting better understand here we are going to present a cost table for different time and package.

Package Based Cost Table:

Time DurationClassCost
30 Minutes8 – 10 Classes$250 – $300
30 Minutes12 – 14 Classes$390 – $420
60 Minutes8 – 10 Classes$430 – $490
60 Minutes12 – 14 Classes$500 – $590

Time Based Cost Table:

Time DurationCost
30 Minutes$40 – $45
45 Minutes$50 – $55
60 Minutes$60 – $70

Group Swimming Lessons

Group swimming lessons are when several candidates learn under one instructor supervision. You can learn to swim at the community swimming pool or any swimming complex.

It has a rigid timetable. You must fit your other schedules with time. Like a private swimming lesson, you will not find much flexibility here.

Group Swimming Lessons


  1. Inexpensive and affordable. Sometimes some community arranges group swimming lessons for free too.
  2. More opportunities for socializing. It will also teach you social etiquette that will help you in other spheres of your life.
  3. The learning environment is fun and competitive.
  4. A healthy competitive environment pushes individuals to work hard.
  5. Group swimming lesson is excellent for children. It helps them to be more social and responsible.
  6. More generalized swimming lessons standard for all.
  7. An opportunity to build a life-long friendship with other swimmers of your team.
  8. Teach you to become punctual and disciplined.
  9. Inspire children to share and care for others.
  10. Swimmers can have fun together and learn in an enthusiastic environment.


  1. No time flexibility.
  2. Much scope for specialized training.
  3. Hard to get the instructor’s full attention.
  4. Shy and introvert people will not be comfortable at a group swimming lesson.
  5. No option for customization of the lesson plan.   

Now you know what their merits and demerits are. Now how do you know which best suited for you?

Group Swimming Lessons Cost:

Group swimming lessons cost can also vary in different areas. Location is not only the one factor but also a swimming lessons institution or swimming pool is a factor of getting cost high.

Though it is group swimming lessons if you choose the branded swimming pools service in your area then you have to pay more then. Because their cost of expenses is high and they charge comparatively high rather than a private swimming instructor.

Time Based Cost Table:

Time DurationCostNumber of Students
30 Minutes$25 – $404-5 or 7-10
45 Minutes$50 – $605-6 or 7-10
60 Minutes$50- $707-10 or 10-12

How Do You Choose One From Them?

Now, the decision-making phase. There are some questions that you can ask yourself while taking the decision.

1. What training do you look for general swimming lessons or specialized swimming lessons?

If you want to learn to swim, and you don’t mind having people around, group swimming lessons are perfect.

If you need more specialization lessons, go for private swimming lessons. As there are many people at group swimming, instructors cannot instruct you only with specialized training. To compete, private swimming is best suited for you.

2. What do you think, can you manage time with the tight class schedule?

If you are busy and want to learn swimming on your off day, then a private swimming lesson will be the right choice for you.

But if you think you can manage, then you can go for a group swimming lesson.

3. Think about the cost.

You must need to be practical. Private swimming lessons are a little expensive. So, analyze what is suitable for your budget.

4. Your children learning attitude:

Some children learn well when they get full attention. They don’t like any disturbance, or they cannot keep pace with others. If your children have this problem, then give them private swimming lessons.

Some others don’t mind being a member of a group. If your child is a slow learner, group swimming lessons are best suited for them. Because they can learn by seeing others. Also, a healthy competitive environment ignites the spark of doing well, among others.


Private swimming lessons vs. group swimming lessons. This is not a fruitful argument. Both are appealing to different personalities. You choose that goes with your nature, necessity, and affordability.

But to be specific, a psychologist suggests allowing children for a group swimming lesson as it makes them social and more active. Group swimming lessons education also reflects in their social norms and behaviors.

Whatever the methods will be, a swimmer needs to enjoy the lessons. Otherwise, he/she cannot comfortably learn, and that hampers the learning progress.  

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