A – Z Guides of How to Choose Private Swimming Instructor

Do you want to learn to swim privately? Do you know how to choose a private swimming instructor? This article will help you a lot.

Many people don’t want to learn to swim with a public group. They more prefer private swimming learning than a group lesson. There are many reasons for the decision.

One of the best reasons is time. Time is a very important element of swimming lessons.

But they face difficulties at the time of searching for private instructors. It is difficult when you don’t know about swimming. It is not a simple job, as swimming instructors have a different level of experience.

Although many people like to take help from family and friends for private learning, it is appreciable if you hire a professional instructor.

There are some factors you have to keep in mind while selecting a private swimming teacher. Do you know what the factors are? How should you approach it? 

What if you get all the information in one place? Let’s see what you need to know before you start your search mission.

What is the Private Swimming Lesson?

It is a specialized swimming lesson training where you don’t need to go anywhere for learning. You can learn in your swimming pool at a convenient time.

You need to hire an instructor who comes over to your place and help you solely.

No need to worry about any group or any sense of competing with others. Learning will be fun as you can do it at your own pace.

Factors To Choose Private Swimming Instructor

You need to pay attention to these factors while selecting the best private swimming instructor.

  • Instructor’s experience
  • Instructor’s training
  • Level of swimming
  • Behavior
  • Location
  • Training Methods
  • Your requirements
  • Price.

How To Choose Private Swimming Instructor?

Swim instructors should be easy-going and enjoyable. She/ he has to experience and trained enough.

So, when you go to an instructor, make sure you concern about these factors.

Training and Certification:

To be a professional instructor, one must need to have this training. Training is one of the important skills that make a professional more valuable.

  • First Aid Certification
  • CPR Training
  • Formal Swim Instructor Training


Experience makes anything perfect. For a skillful trainer, you must check their knowledge and skill. Minimum 2 years of formal experience of a trainer is a pre-requisite.

A person can swim well. But that doesn’t mean he/she can be useful as an instructor.

Two years of experience is a strong base enough to prove his/her potentialities as an instructor.

An experienced instructor develops some swimming skills so that new swimmers can learn to swim effectively and quickly.

Also, you can make sure that he/she can manage different personalities.


Most of the time, people forget to check the instructor’s insurance. But it is mandatory to have full insurance.

It will save you from liability costs if an unexpected occurrence happens.

Can fulfill your demand:

Every person’s requirement is different. Some want private lessons for basic swimming. Some want to take part in the competition and need advance training.

Again, some children may need special care. Whatever your requirements are, make sure he/she can fulfill your demand.

Some standard requirements people are looking for:

  • Expertise with children
  • Have experience with special care-oriented children
  • Can handle adults of different characteristics
  • Fitness training
  • Competitive swim lessons

Find out what is your fundamental goal. Have a clear discussion and hire someone who can meet your individual needs.

Instructor’s Behavior:

The instructor’s personality is an essential factor. Make sure the swimmer likes the instructor’s personality. If the swimmer doesn’t fit with the instructor’s behavior, the student will not find interest in learning.

Swimming is an activity that needs enthusiasm. The swimmer will not learn quickly if he/she doesn’t take part in spontaneously.

Especially when you hire an instructor for babies. Make a meet with your baby during the discussion.

Level of Expertise:

Learn about his expertise on a different level. If you need an instructor for a beginner, then find someone expert with a beginner. An athletic trainer will be more comfortable with advance swimmers than a beginner.

Similarly, if you need advance training, but hire a trained expert with a beginner will not be fruitful.

So, before hiring, check the level of the instructor’s expertise in swimming.

Age Group:

Every instructor is not comfortable with all age groups. If you want an instructor for a baby, try to find someone expert with kids. If you need adult training, then choose an adult trainer.

It is appreciable if the person is an expert with different age-group. He/she can be your family instructor if he/she can do well with different ages.


People choose private swimming lessons to have time flexibility. So, find someone available at your scheduled time.

It is proved that in the USA, most of the swimming lessons instructors maintain their time and they refuse for the candidates who are long in distance.


Try to find someone at your locality. Hiring someone from a distance will be troublesome. Also, it will increase the transportation cost.

Here one thing is very important that a candidate belongs from Katy, Texas, He or she should book those instructors who are near you.


Before hiring a professional swim instructor, it is appreciable to learn local cost from a local service trainer.

Then you can get an idea of different prices and services. There may have a price variation for the different locality.

These are general factors of hiring swimming instructor for all ages. But when you want an instructor for your kids then follow the below tips.

How to choose private swimming instructor inforgraphic

Tips For Choosing A Private Swimming Instructor For Kids

Selecting a swimming instructor for an adult is more comfortable than opting for infants and toddlers.

An adult can perform and follow instructors’ instructions. But a baby’s learning method is not the same as elders. They need special care.

Moreover, the baby’s swim lesson training should be fun and exciting. They need to learn to swim in a fun environment. Here are some tips for choosing a swimming instructor for your child.

  1. Find someone expert in instructing kids.
  2. An instructor for adults can know the rules and regulations well, but managing kids needs extra experience.
  3. The instructor should have the mentality to encourage baby swimmers. And he/she can create a positive environment for learning.
  4. Instructors are highly experienced and safety certified.
  5. Learn the instructor’s approach to instructing.
  6. Try to develop a good relationship between the baby swimmer and instructor before hiring.
  7. Give priority to your baby’s individual needs.
  8. Inform the instructor if your baby has any sophisticated issue.
  9. Give priority to your child’s opinion.

Now, you know what you should focus on during the interview. But how will you be sure about those facts? Interrogate your instructor these questions and observe their answers.

Questions to Ask A private Swimming Instructor During Interview

  1. Are you experienced with infants/ toddlers/ adults?
  2. Have you done CPR certification?
  3. What will your approach to making the session enjoyable?
  4. What will you do to ease the people afraid of water?
  5. Can you expert to instruct different age groups?
  6. Are you available at the scheduled time?
  7. What are your teaching methods?
  8. How much one needs to learn to swim properly?
  9. Whom do you teach mostly beginners or advanced learners?
  10. How many levels will you teach?
  11. Do you have full coverage insurance?
  12. What will be your price for service?


Now, you know how to choose a private swimming instructor. Focus not only on price while selecting a swimming instructor. Choose someone who meets all the above aspects.

If you want the right instructor, the learning session will be more fun and quick.

A good understanding relationship between the swimmer and instructor is essential. Without proper communication, a swimmer can not follow complex orders.

So, it is good to introduce the instructor with a swimmer on the first day of hire.

If you search, you will get information about different instructors and their services. Comparison between them and negotiate with various factors.

By analyzing, you can choose the best suitable instructor for you and your family.

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